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Improve Product Competitiveness
We have a machine with two sets of extrusion parts and a three-layer co-extrusion die. The surface layer shares one extruder, which we call the Layer A, and the other extruder is on the middle layer, which we call the Layer B. Therefore, the blown film structure is a three-layer co-extruded film of A, B, A layers.

We named this machine the ABA blown film machine. The ABA blown film machine can blow AAA film and ABA film, and produce the following finished film products:
1.Composite Packaging Film
2.Protective Film
3.Express Bag Film
4.Shrink Film
5.Agricultural Film
6.Other Packaging Films

The ABA blown film machine is suitable for HDNJ material + HDPE material. The Layer A uses the HDPE material as the coating, and adds the HDNJ material on the middle layer. Therefore, the surface of the film is bright and beautiful, with a soft touch, and the cost of raw materials is also greatly reduced. A manufacturer using the ABA blown film machine can improve the overall economic benefits.