Professional blown film machine manufacturer

1. We deliver complete blown film machines from design to development and production.
2. The production of our blown film machine fully respects the ISO9001:2005 quality system and has passed the TUV certification.
3. We are committed to the intelligent production of blown film machines, reducing the dependence on worker skills and manpower, monitoring the production line in real time, and improving product quality.
4. We accept global trade and have passed the SGS certification of Switzerland and the CE certification of EU, both of which are recognized by the most wide-ranging nations. In this way, we fully support your business.
5. We are one of the few state-level high-tech enterprises recognized by the National Department of Science and Technology of China, and we own more than 40 invention patents. We have the ability to perfectly complete the tasks you deliver.

All products are customizable
Support the development of your project and business

         As a professional blown film machine manufacturer, PLASTAR has specialized in blown film machine industry for more than 30 years. Our predecessor is a professional blown film machine mold manufacturer. We master the core technologies of blown film machines and possess rich experience. We can provide personalized services according to the performance requirements of the machine and the application of the blown film, and even your individual habits. Design and produce a blown film machine that 100% satisfies your needs.


Although there are a wide range of blown film machines, they are inter-replaceable in different industries and application scenarios. However, the film properties needed cannot be ignored. Therefore, choosing and applying the right blown film machine is v

Why are PLASTAR’s blown film machines trusted by more than 3000 customers in more than 90 countries around the world?
We Master The Core Technology

We have more than 30 years of rich experience, and a complete set of technology flow in the process of blown film machine mold. Also, we use more than ten Germany-imported five-axis machining center production lines to complete mold processing with high precision at one time.

CE Certification

All production lines of PLASTAR blown film machines have passed the CE certification of EU to ensure all equipment in the blown film machine production line is safe and environmentally friendly, and complies with the mandatory certification system of EU.

SGS Certification

Our blown film machines have successfully passed the SGS certification of Switzerland, the most authoritative and most widely recognized accreditation agency in the world. This means that our blown film machine meets the safety regulations of most countries in the world.

ISO9001 Certification

In order to meet customer requirements, improve quality management and customer satisfaction, PLASTAR factory fully implements the ISO9001:2015 quality system, and obtained the German TUV certification. We ensure that every blown film machine is produced under strict quality system surveillance.

Fully-Customized Production Line

We believe that conventional blown film machine production lines can no longer meet your needs for equipment. We provide the customization service of personalized blown film machine production lines that can best suit your needs for the best equipment.

Intelligent Automation of Blown Film Machine

PLASTAR has been committed to the development of intelligent automation of the blown film machine production line to relieve the dependence on skilled workers, test technology applications in real time, reduce the defect rate in production, and improve product quality.

Who are using PLASTAR blown film machines?
Flexible Packaging Manufacturers

If you are a flexible packaging manufacturer looking for a high-quality blown film machine production line for developing new products or due to low production efficiency, PLASTAR will be your best choice. We are committed to personalized customization of production lines, and we listen to your opinions and provide professional services.

Blown Film Machine Distributors

If you are a professional blown film machine distributor, you can also be our distributor. We will provide you with comprehensive support in equipment selection, product export and after-sales technologies. Also, a variety of international certifications can better help you expand your business. PLASTAR's premium quality and service will boost closer cooperation between us.

Those Who Are Going To Step into The Flexible Packaging Industry

If you want to do your business in the flexible packaging industry, PLASTAR will provide you with the most comprehensive service, along with full support in terms of film product formula, design of blown film machine production line, complete machine production and delivery, and personnel training. We will professionally complete the tasks of each stage to help you reach production goals as soon as possible.

What certificates do your blown film machines have?

Our factory fully implements the ISO9001:2015 quality management system and has passed the TUV certification, which covers the design, production, and delivery. Our purpose is to ensure the quality and safety of blown film machines from the source.

If you are a global customer who wants to buy a blown film machine, the safety requirements of different countries will take you aback. We have the most widely recognized Swiss SGS certification and EU safety CE certification, which can meet the safety requirements of most countries in the world, thus removing every obstacle for you to place orders.

As of December 2019, our blown film machines had been sold to 93 countries around the world, mainly including China, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asian countries, the United States, Canada and Latin American countries. Boasting a wealth of logistics and freight experience, we can give you full support or advice on freight duties and logistics costs while ensuring the safe arrival of blown film machines.
The production of a blown film machine usually takes about 30 to 60 working days, depending on the size and configuration of the machine. Our factory implements customized production of blown film machines, and an accurate delivery date will be agreed upon during the negotiation process.
All our blown film machines have a one-year warranty, starting from the date when the blown film machine arrives at your factory and completes commissioning. During this period, we will provide a fully free warranty for the whole machine, except consumables.
Of course you can. We are a professional blown film machine manufacturer in China, and we welcome you to visit us at any time. We will pick you up at Wenzhou Longwan Airport or Rui’an Railway Station. If you want to see the blown film machine you are interested in during your stay, you can also make an appointment with our sales specialist. We will show you the operation of the blown film machine to make your journey more fruitful.
Our factory is located in Songqiao Industrial Zone, Sunlou, No. 104 National Road, Wanquan Town, Pingyang County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. You can take a plane to Wenzhou Longwan Airport or take a train to Rui’an Station. Please make an appointment with our sales specialist in advance, and our driver will pick you up at the station when you arrive.
Yes, although most of our blown film machines are customized, they are all independently designed before being put into production. Each blown film machine is accompanied by an operation manual and electrical schematic diagram, both in Chinese and English.
When our blown film machines arrive at your factory, our engineers will arrive at your factory before the appointed time. They will assemble and debug the blown film machines according to the factory environment. When the machines can operate normally, they will start to train your staff on the operation, production, and routine maintenance of the blown film machines according to the equipment properties, so as to make sure that your employees are competent enough to operate the blown film machines.

We will remotely communicate with you via video to tell you how to solve technical problems of blown film machines. If the problem cannot be solved, we will consider sending an engineer to your site.

If the damaged part (non-consumable part) is within the warranty period, we will provide you with another one free of charge, with the transportation charges paid by our factory.

We will start production when we receive a 30% deposit of the full order price. After we complete the production within the delivery period and receive the 70% final payment, we will send you the images and videos of the blown film machines being packaged and shipped.
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