Real-life Cases
Jiangxi, China
The customer is a local small- and medium-sized blown film manufacturer in Jiangxi which was established in 2018. Its main business includes production and sales of building materials, decorative materials, and packaging materials; sales of doors and windows, aluminum profiles, and stainless steel films (except hazardous chemicals).  The company purchased two blown film machines from our company, including a single-layer 1500mm blown film machine, and a three-layer 1500mm blown film machine. After the acceptance and installation of the machines, the customer said that the combination of PLC and touch screen control is very practical and easy to operate. The IBC internal cooling system effectively controls the width of the product and improves the transparency and strength. They can automatically modify product specifications only by changing some figures on the touch screen, which is very convenient. The automatic lap change function and the upper traction rotating device are also greatly appreciated by the customer and its workers. The machines are currently working well.