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Leading the trend of film innovation: Analysis of the advantages and application value of the five-layer PODfilmblowing machine

With the continuous development and technological advancement of the packaging industry, film manufacturing processes are also constantly evolving to cope with the increasing functional and environmentally friendly demands for flexiblepackaging materials in the downstream market.POD(Five-layer Polyolefin-dedicated Blown Film) technology, as an internationally recognized non-barrier five-layer co-extrusion polyolefinspecial extrusion technology, with its unique process advantages, isgradually replacing the traditional three-layer co-extrusiontechnology and becoming the current An innovative force in filmmanufacturing.

The five-layer barrier film blowing machine that our company is committed to developing and promoting is based on thecoreconcept of POD technology. It has made breakthrough progress since 2010 and has been widely recognized in the market. This technological change not only solves the problems of limited performance, high cost and quality defects caused by mixedextrusion of multiple materials in the original three-layer co-extrusion process, but also improves the mechanical properties, cost control, appearance quality and raw materials of thefilm. It shows unparalleled advantages in terms of choice.

Under the five-layer co-extrusion process, the mechanical properties of the film can be significantly improved. In the actual production of industrial products, the film products producedbyour five-layer barrier film blowing machine, whether they are PE printed composite substrates, FFS heavy packaging bags, cold stretch sleeving films, PE heat shrink films, POF shrink films The mechanical performance test results of films and even functional agricultural greenhouse films show that compared with the three-layer co-extrusion process, the five-layer co-extrusion process can significantly enhance the tensile strength, elongationand other key indicators of the film, providing solutions for various application scenarios. Provides better physical performance guarantee.

Five-layer co-extrusion technology gives film processing a wider space for adjusting the inter-layer ratio, greatly reducing overall material costs. Through our five-layer barrier film blowing machine, customers can freely adjust the thickness of the inner and outer layers and middle layers of the film according to actual needs, achieving a wide range of inter-layer ratio adjustments from1:1:1to1:8:1, and accurately controlling raw materials While reducingcosts, we can maximize the performance of various functional materials.

The five-layer co-extrusion process optimizes the film formula design and significantly improves the appearance quality. Under the same conditions, a five-layer co-extruded filmcan better avoidquality problems such as water ripples caused by excessive differences in the ratio between layers than a three-layer co-extruded film. It also effectively suppresses the crystal point phenomenon through a single raw material design concept, makingthe film surface Smooth, translucent, and better overall quality.

The five-layer co-extrusion process broadens the selectionof raw materials and simplifies the process control process. Our five-layer barrier film blowing machine is compatible with a varietyof raw materials with widely different processing temperatures, such as HDPE, LDPE and EVA, allowing customers to have greater freedom when designing film formulas and avoiding potential risks caused by blending. defects, and can make full use of the superimposed advantages of functional materials to achievethe best balance between performance and cost. 

Focusing on the application field of packaging film, the performance of our five-layer barrier film blowing machineisevenmore unique. For example, in color-printed composite PE basematerial packaging, with the help of five-layer co-extrusion technology, the positions of additives such as slip agents, openingagents, and color masterbatch can be flexibly configured to effectively prevent the migration of low-molecular substancesfrom affecting the compounding, printing, and heat-sealing effects. At thesame time, by accurately controlling the film thickness, costs can be reduced while maintaining film performance. 

Especially in the field of PE packaging shrink film, the five-layer co-extrusion process not only continues the common advantages of thinning and cost reduction, but also greatly improves the optical performance and display effect of the film. Data shows that the shrink film produced by our five-layer barrier film blowing machine has achieved a qualitative leap inoptical performance while maintaining excellent mechanical properties, and its transparency and printability have been greatly improved, helping customers create more attractive products. Powerful terminal display effect.

In order to further improve the efficiency and product qualityof thefilm production line, our five-layer barrier filmblowing machineisequipped with an advanced multi-stage two-way coolingair ringsystem. The system adopts a multi-air outlet design toachieveprecise control of air volume. Through pre-cooling andefficient cooling processes, the film bubble strength is significantly enhanced, and the film output rate and product accuracyareimproved. At the same time, through the optimized coolingprocess, the transparency and mechanical properties of the filmhavebeensignificantly improved. Coupled with the extremely highcost performance, the equipment can recover the new investment cost in just a few months.

The five-layer barrier film blowing machine launchedbyour company complies with the market's demand for flexible packagingmaterials with diversified functions, greenness and intelligence. It has successfully solved the many limitations of traditional three-layer co-extrusion technology and achieved excellent performance and Economic advantages have effectively promotedthe technological upgrading and industrial transformation of thefilmmanufacturing industry. The film products producedbyour five-layer barrier film blowing machine have shown significant competitive advantages in various application segments andhavereceived positive feedback and high recognition fromthemarket, fully verifying the alternative of the five-layer co-extrusionmoldingprocess. The inevitable trend of three-layer co-extrusion process. Inthe future, we will continue to delve into technological innovationand provide more advanced and efficient filmmanufacturingsolutions to customers around the world.