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Flexible packaging films are widely needed by the global market. As a technology-based enterprise specializing in the production and operation of plastic packaging machinery, PLASTAR mainly produces multi-layer co-extrusion internal cooling upper traction rotary blown film machines, stretch film machines that are used in food, logistics, medicine, construction, household, agriculture, pharmacy, transportation, sanitation, electronics, automation engineering and chemical industries.

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    About 30% of food worldwide is wasted due to the lack of proper packaging. By 2050, the global population is expected to reach 10 billion. As the urbanization is accelerated, proper food packaging is urgently needed during the transportation from the place of origin to various cities to avoid unnecessary loss.

    In addition, as the industry is growing, a great deal of food packaging applies barrier films to extend the shelf life, which reduces costs and increases sales and storage cycles.

    Therefore, the cutting-edge barrier films composed of 7 to 9 layers are in great demand in the food industry.

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