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5/7/9-Layer Blown Film Extrusion Lines for Barrier Film : The Ideal Choice for Food Packaging


In the race to stay ultra-competitive in today's dynamic food industry marketplace, it is important to invest in the right technology that marries functionality, durability, and quality. Enter the 5/7/9-layer blown film extrusion lines — the epitome of cutting-edge technology in the world of film packaging, particularly suited for accommodating a wide range of food packaging applications with their superior barrier properties, strength, and printability.

These high-performance blown film extrusion lines are winning recognition as the preferred choice for sectors where there's a burgeoning demand for ready-to-eat (RTE) foods and various other packaged items. If you're looking to elevate your food packaging's performance, spending time on the 5/7/9-layer blown film extrusion line is a worthwhile investment, given its burgeoning importance in the packaging realm.

Why Choose 5/7/9-layer Blown Film Extrusion Lines?

As the title suggests, these lines consist of multiple layers, each layer contributing its unique attributes to create a superior product. They are renowned for their ability to produce high-barrier films, combining excellent resistance to external contaminants, high puncture, and tear resistance, all of which are critical to the food packaging industry.

Beyond just the barrier properties, these films exhibit exceptional printing capabilities, allowing for attractive and vibrant packaging designs that catch the consumer's eye and boost your brand's visibility. Plus, they showcase a high level of durability, making them perfectly suited to withstand the rigors of shipping and handling without compromising the product's integrity within.

Given these traits, it comes as no surprise that an increasing number of businesses are harnessing the power of 5/7/9-layer blown film extrusion lines to maximize their packaging effectiveness whilst ensuring their products remain fresh and protected.

5/7/9 Blown Film Extrusion Lines for Barrier Film

Exploring Applications of 5/7/9-layer Blown Film Extrusion Lines in Food Packaging

  • Ready-to-eat (RTE) foods

    RTE foods, such as meat, fish, dairy, and processed foods, necessitate robust packaging to guard against spoilage and prolong their shelf life. The excellent barrier properties of 5/7/9-layer blown films against oxygen, moisture, and other contaminants make them perfect for RTE food packaging.

  • Snacks

    Snacks, such as potato chips, cookies, and candy, require durable packaging that can withstand handling and transportation. 5/7/9-layer blown films have superior strength and tear resistance, making them well-suited for snack packaging.

  • Beverages

    Beverages, such as juices, dairy drinks, and sports drinks, require packaging that is easy to open and reseal, and that can maintain the freshness and quality of the product. 5/7/9-layer blown films can be used to produce flexible beverage packaging with good printability, puncture resistance, and barrier properties.

  • Frozen foods

    Frozen food packaging must resist low temperatures and protect against freezer burn. 5/7/9-layer blown films can be tailored to fulfill unique demands of this packaging, offering high puncture resistance and flexibility in cold conditions.

Barrier Film for Food Packaging

Key Factors for Blown Film Lines : Screws, Dies, and Temperature Control

Proper understanding and control of the core components of the blown film extrusion process — screws, dies, and temperature — is essential for achieving the desired film properties. Here's a closer look at how these factors play a pivotal role:

  • Screws

    They are arguably the heart of the extrusion process, responsible for melting the plastic and mixing in any additives. The design of the screw directly impacts the quality of the melt, and subsequently, the final film's properties. The choice between a general-purpose screw and a barrier screw can greatly influence output rates and quality. Barrier screws are often favored for their high mixing capability and output.

  • Die Heads

    The die design is another crucial factor, defining film thickness, uniformity, and layer distribution. Round dies are used in blown film extrusion, where the size and design vary based on the final application's requirements. Innovations in die design, like spiral and multi-channel dies, make it possible to achieve greater control over layer thickness and allow for the creation of more complex multilayer films.

die head for 5/7/9 Blown Film Extrusion Lines

  • Temperature control

    Blown film is very temperature-sensitive. Several degrees higher or lower will cause the bubble to be unstable. This parameter is integral to the process as it affects the film's properties like clarity, strength, and finish. In blown film extrusion, temperature control impacts the melt's viscosity, cooling rate, blow-up ratio, and drawing down rate—each of which can drastically alter the film properties. Maintaining a uniform temperature throughout the extrusion process is hence vital, ensured by advanced control systems.

High barrier film by 5/7/9 Blown Film Extrusion Lines

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Case Studies

  • Case Study 1 :

     7-layer blown film extrusion line to produce a barrier film for ready-to-eat meals

    A leading food manufacturer in the United States uses our custom-designed and manufactured 7-layer blown film extrusion line to produce a barrier film for their ready-to-eat meals. We offer a wide range of customization options, including the choice of materials, layer thickness, and production speed. With our deep understanding of the blow film extrusion process and the materials involved, we are able to provide our customers with the highest quality and most customized blown film extrusion lines.

    We have been in the blow film extrusion industry for over 20 years, and our predecessor was a professional blow film die head manufacturer. This experience gives us the expertise to design and manufacture blown film extrusion lines that meet the specific needs of our customers, helping them to produce the high-quality barrier films that their food packaging needs.

  • Case Study 2 :

     9-layer blown film extrusion line to produce a barrier film for frozen foods

    A global food processing company uses our 9-layer blown film extrusion line to produce a barrier film for their frozen foods. The film is designed to protect the foods from oxygen, moisture, and freezer burn, which helps to maintain their quality and freshness.

    Our IBC internal cooling system is based on the principle of an isosceles triangle inscribed in a circle. This design allows for quick and easy adjustment of the specifications. The hot air is drawn out and the cold air is injected, resulting in a larger air volume and faster cooling. This is important for frozen food packaging, as it helps to prevent the film from becoming brittle and breaking during the cooling process.

    Our constant tension, center winding system uses sensors to monitor the roll tension at all times. This ensures that the internal and external tensions are constant, preventing the film from being stretched during the forming process. This is also important for frozen food packaging, as it helps to maintain the film's integrity and prevent it from tearing.

Wenzhou PLASTAR Capabilities for Flexible Film Food Packaging

Our company, established in 2001, has been dedicated to the specialization of blown film die heads, showcasing an extensive expertise in the design and manufacturing. Committed to delivering top-notch die heads and blown film extrusion lines, we prioritize providing our customers with the highest quality in every aspect.

Speaking of quality, the hardness of a blown film die head plays a pivotal role in determining its performance. Opting for a harder die head enhances wear resistance and ensures the production of a more uniform film. At PLASTAR, our die heads are crafted from tool steel with a hardness of 30 or higher, guaranteeing years of reliable service.

In line with our commitment to excellence, Wenzhou PLASTAR offers cutting-edge capabilities for flexible film food packaging. Our 5/7/9-layer blown film extrusion lines represent state-of-the-art technology, providing a multitude of advantages for food packaging applications. To assist you in choosing the optimal solution for your needs, we invite you to get in touch with us today for more information on our capabilities.

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